January 21, 2016

High school cooperation of Belgrade and Timisoara

Project High school Belgrade to High school Timisoara organized by Education for the 21st  Century and the Sixth Belgrade High School with the support of the Secretariat of Culture of Belgrade had been launched with the aim to introduce high school students of Belgrade and their peers from High school in Timisoara. Cooperation with Serbian Gymnasium "Dositej Obradovic" in Timisoara, was initiated by the lecture of Dr. Marko Suica "Serbs in Banat" that was held in the Sixth Belgrade High School. The follow up activity was the visit of Belgrade pupil and teachers to the school "Dositej Obradovic" in Timisoara on Friday, 15 May 2015. The students and teachers of both schools hosted by a history professor Sasa Milimarkov, undertook a sightseeing tour with the focus on Serbian cultural heritage . Fostering the cooperation of two schools the students and teachers of High school "Dositej Obradovic" returned the visit to Belgrade and their peers on November 3, 2015.