January 21, 2016

Fostering human rights

Round table “FOSTERING HUMAN RIGHTS THROUGH DECONSTRUCTION OF STEREOTYPES IN EDUCATION, CULTURE AND MEDIA” will take place in Belgrade in February/March 2016 with the support of GIZ. At the focus of the discussions is the improvement of the democratic milieu in the Republic of Serbia, with a particular accent on the active role of state institutions from the fields of education, culture and media in their respect for the human rights. We believe that bringing together crucial participants in the process of democratization in the Republic of Serbia through an open public and professional discussion on dealing with dangerous stereotypes can create space for future actions, which are in accordance with the activities that sustain the accession of the Republic of Serbia to EU.

1. Objectives of the project
• Introducing recent developments into the system of education in Republic of Serbia to the representatives of the Ministry of culture and media, and the Ministry of youth and sports.
• Establishing closer cooperation between government institutions in the field of education, culture and information as policy makers and crucial agents in education and culture/media responsible on the national level for shaping public opinion regarding the education for human rights and prevention of dangerous resurrected stereotypes.
• Developing common platform for educating students in media literacy, including the Internet (through recommendations) and suggesting the instruments for the dissemination (training seminars for teachers, summer schools, additional educational programs in schools or at university, etc.)
• Involving museums in the educational framework as external stimulating classrooms for the deconstruction of stereotypes and further students’ cultural networking.
• Raising awareness among different social agents in society by defining and recognizing the list of dangerous (historical, political, social, gender, cultural, etc.) stereotypes that could lead to new or restore old/frozen conflicts in the Republic of Serbia or the region.
• Creating a set or a list of recommendations on stereotypes from the perspective of education, culture and media.
• Creating a concrete action plan for the dissemination of recommendations and possible implementation in the fields of education, culture and media.
• Supporting the cooperation between the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological development, the Ministry of culture and media and the Ministry of youth and sport in the dissemination of the recommendations through their own agendas.
• Opening space for further development of the project on a regional level by creating the network (education, culture and media, NGO sector) and strategy for regional recommendations on the same/similar topic .