January 22, 2016

Creative approach to teaching art


Seminar Creative approach to teaching art in accordance with the standards was accredited for the school year 2016/2017. 2017/2018 year under serial number 767  by the Institute for the Evaluation of Education.

Teacher trainers : Lidija Županić Šuica, teacher of arts and civic education, XIV Grammar School, Belgrade, Ivana Lukić, psychologist ,XIV Grammar School, Belgrade, Bojana Lukić, academic painter.

The overall objective of the program: The application of standards for the end of primary education in art classes, creative ways of self-expression, and methods of working with children with disabilities.

Specific objectives of the program: Empowering teachers for the implementation of standards of student achievement in art classes. Innovation of practical work in teaching art through various methods. Introducing different approaches in art teaching to children with disabilities.


1.The Implemantation of the  educational standards in teaching art in the  primary school

  1. The innovative methods of practical work in art classes
  2. Methods of art teaching to children with disabilities