We  foster  the modernisation of education,  in accordance with law, scientific principles, and respect for human dignity and diversity. We believe that education is a fundamental value of a society that changes it and directs it towards humane development goals. As an organisation that brings together teachers and lecturers from all fields of education, we follow and implement the recommendations of the Council of Europe in the field of education and cultural heritage, in accordance with the vision of a humane and inclusive society.

Since its formation in 2011, our association has changed both quantitatively and qualitatively, but our fundamental value remains education for a society in which tolerance is nurtured, science is applied and human rights are respected.

For that cause :
• we organise research projects in the field of education;
• we organise  conferences, seminars and other forms of teacher and youth education;
• we cooperate with universities, schools, professional associations and other organisation in the country and abroad that deal with education and cultural heritage;
• we organise projects that contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage and cooperate with institutions of importance for conservation;

• we raise awareness of social, civic and political responsibility and inappropriate abuses of science by institutions and other social agents;