The project BELGRADE ADVENTURE is conducted in cooperation with the XIV Belgrade Gymnasium and the "Georgije Ostrogorski" student association. It is an ongoing project that started in December 2019. when high school students started exploring the sites of Belgrade's cultural heritage.

The website is divided on the topics:  ancient, medieval Belgrade, Ottoman and Jewish heritage of Belgrade, baroque and royal Belgrade (Belgrade in the time of Obrenović and Karađardjević), socialist Belgrade, memorials. embassies and multi-confessional heritage.

Exceptional photographs taken by students, reliable information about mostly unknown and inaccessible objects  of Belgrade heritage from different periods are an important source for all those who love Belgrade, or find it  interesting  to get to know it.

Students are also the authors of the application, which will be a useful guide in exploring different layers of Belgrade and a toolkit  for getting to know cultural heritage of Belgrade .

Relevant and completely reliable data on more than 40 buildings and sites of Belgrade can be found on the website. We are also proud of the fact that we have started archiving the personal stories of  Belgrade's who gave an important contribution to the history of the city.