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3rd Belgrade History Teaching Symposium

The Third Belgrade Symposium on History Education, themed "Disarming History," brought together a diverse array of international participants on April 11th and 12th, 2024, in Belgrade. Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Council of Europe and following the Third Annual Conference of the Observatory for History Teaching in Europe, this symposium has been a cornerstone event for experts and practitioners in history teaching for the past three years. It serves as a dynamic platform for the exchange of innovative practices across academic, pedagogical, student, and educational community, while nurturing democratic culture, intercultural understanding, and multiperspectivity.

Throughout the symposium, a diverse array of meticulously curated panel discussions and workshops aimed to facilitate the exchange of insights and experiences among European experts. The overarching objective was to examine history teaching practices and align them with the recommendations of the Council of Europe.

For the first time, the symposium included concurrent events, namely the International Students' Seminar organized by the International Students of History Association (ISHA) and the international workshop by EuroClio on "Monumental Challenges," enriching the discourse on history education and cultural heritage in Belgrade.

Additionally, the symposium featured workshops encouraging educators to explore societal phenomena from recent history to foster understanding of democratic values and respect for human rights. Participants also had the opportunity to explore Belgrade through guided walking tours, offering diverse perspectives on the city's cultural and historical heritage.

The release of the "Onsite Remembrance Learning" Toolkit during the symposium marked a significant milestone. Developed by teachers from across Serbia and supported by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia, this innovative guide offers practical insights to expand teaching boundaries, showcasing best practices in history education.

The Third Belgrade Symposium on History Teaching

Belgrade once again served as an inspiring hub hosting symposium on history education titled "Disarming History"!  From April 11th to 12th, experts and professionals from diverse corners of the globe converged in our city to exchange inovative practices in history education. For three years, this symposium has served as a cornerstone event for all involved in the field of education. Spanning various venues across Belgrade, this event is complemented by captivating tours, offering participants insights into diverse perspectives on cultural-historical heritage.

International workshop Monument(al) Challenges

The Monument(al) Challenges Project, spearheaded by a consortium of organizations, notably EuroClio, with our team actively engaged, aimes to provide educators with comprehensive teaching resources and training modules. These resources are specifically designed to navigate the intricate and delicate historical narratives intertwined with monument heritage. The inaugural international seminar, Monument(al) Challenges, took place in Belgrade from April 12th to 14th, 2024. Attended by educators from various corners of Europe, the seminar facilitated an immersive exploration of monument heritage spanning both Europe and Belgrade, unfolding over three enriching days.

Onsite Remembrance learning

We are presenting the latest edition of the "Onsite Remembrance learning" Toolkit. Thanks to the creativity and dedication of the teachers who participated in our competition for the Onsite Remembrance learning lesson plans,  we have selected 21 lesson plans that will be included in the manual. The editorial board has accepted lesson plans that can inspire other teachers and are intricately connected to the cultural heritage of local communities, emphasizing the significance of democratic values, human rights, and cultural diversity. We extend our gratitude to all who participated and shared their ideas

The 2024 Ratiu Forum History Workshop

The Ratiu Forum – a partnership between LSE IDEAS (London School of Economics) and the Ratiu Foundations – will host the 2024 Teaching of History Workshop on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of May at the Ratiu Democracy Centre in Turda, Romania. Focusing on Teaching Difficult Histories, the workshop will explore the challenges and practicalities of teaching history with a view to its significance beyond the classroom.

The HISTOLAB Award for BeoTura

The HISTOLAB Award for Innovative School Projects in History Education was granted to eight schools hailing from France, Ireland, Serbia, Spain, and Turkey, along with one transnational project. Among the recipients was Beotura from Serbia.

Students and educators from the winning schools received the Award during the HISTOLAB European Innovation Days in History Education 2024. This event served as a gathering point for history educators, academics, researchers, practitioners, junior professionals, and students to exchange ideas. These ideas were either submitted through an open call or presented during the side events organized by HISTOLAB partner organizations.

Remembering Hilda Dajč Foundation

The second edition of the The Remembering Hilda Dajč Association  Award was held on Sunday, May 7, 2023. at  the University Library in Belgrade. The  Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Culture of Remembrance went to to the NGO Haver for The Stolpersteine project and the Youth Award for demonstrated civic and social responsibility was given to Youth Radio Oradio for the podcast and radio show "In what country I want to live". Organisations Education for the 21st Century together with Teraforming initiated the "Remembring Hilda Dajč" award for the  youth  activism and establishing the culture of remembrance.

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