July 16, 2018

Learning to disagree

The project “Learning to Disagree” runs from 01-09-2017 until 31-08-2020 under the Erasmus+ programme in cooperation with EUROCLIOLearning to Disagree
In our world today young people are increasingly influenced by social media and the information found on the internet. This exposes young people to different extremist ideologies and alternative facts. Teachers are often confronted with radical views and expected to deal with them. This project aims to aid educators in how to constructively discuss and debate these issues by exploring different aspects of an issue. The competences that students have learned through meaningful dialogue and debate at school will also enable these students to deal constructively with tensions and disagreement in their daily life.PROJECT AIMS
To empower educators across Europe to enable students to acquire social and civic competences through debates, dialogue and discussion on contested issues as part of their formal education

Needs Assessment

Exemplar content for dialogue, debate and discussion

Teacher’s guide on dialogue, debate and discussion

Teachers guide on assessing social and civic competences

Training package on how to use the educational resources

Policy recommendations
Barbara Christophe

Maren Tribukait

Georg Eckert Institute

Dr Anthony Malone

Dr Majella Dempsey

Maynooth Univeristy

Helen Snelson

Mount School York

Lidija Županić Šuica

Marko Šuica

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